Book Review: "Masters of the Mind" by Theodore Millon

To anyone involved in the mental health or psychology and related fields, or anyone interested in how humanity has attempted to understand the mind, and mental illness and how to respond to issues regarding it, I highly recommend " Masters of the Mind: Exploring the Story of Mental Illness from Ancient Times to the New Millennium " by Dr. Theodore Millon.  I won't go heavily into detail of the book.  My primary purpose is to just briefly describe what it is about and the information and education the author provides, and to praise this work as worth the effort to read. Dr. Millon essentially goes through the history of mankind from earliest sources in ancient time up through to the present, giving a very good survey of all the prominent and influential thinkers and authorities and how various persons have understood and tried to respond to mental illness and those who suffer from it.  He sets up his work according to seven categorical threads and trends for how mental ill

Gratitude and Mental Health

In this blog, I hope to introduce ideas that help to promote mental health for whoever reads them.  I am not an expert or a mental health professional, but my intention is to introduce helpful ideas, thoughts, practices, or strategies that you can follow up on by seeking out authors and professionals who might be able to better educate you on how you can apply such tools to improve your own mental health. For the time being, I wanted to recommend contemplation of the idea of gratitude.  The idea of gratitude has presented itself to me as one very important to a person's mental health.  Can one be happy without gratitude?  I would have to say that a person who is ungrateful and unthankful for anything almost by definition cannot be happy.  If I am not grateful, how can I possibly be happy?  And if I am happy, wouldn't I at least be grateful for my happiness? In thinking about gratitude, I have a glimpse that there is much depth and richness to this reality of gratitude.  Jus

Launching of GMH Journal

I am going to be launching a new blog here, entitled "General Mental Health Journal".  It will deal with any and all issues relating to mental health, and the problems faces by those who struggle with mental illness, and their loved ones and caregivers.  It will address personal aspects as well as societal, political and economic factors that relate to mental health. Ultimately, the goal of this journal will be to help those who in any way are affected by mental illness, mental health disorders, disabilities or handicaps with a mental, emotional or intellectual component to them.  I will try to respond to requests to research and write about certain questions or elements of the subject.  Mainly my goal is to provide some sort of resource that will help those affected by mental health issues to be more effective, functional, and capable of improving the lives of all whom mental disorders has touched in any way, which is probably everyone at some point or other in life. If